How stylish can be comfortable too

Lucky for us loose pants, oversized clothes and slip dresses are back in style. Compromising comfort for style certainly doesn’t have to be the case anymore. My best advice for being both stylish and comfortable is to buy items which are comfortable at the time of trying on, do not rely on them ‘wearing in’. I also think it is a great idea to buy clothes which fit those more accommodating trends which allow comfort, hidden bloated bellies and stress-free style. Some current accommodating trends include:

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  • Flared jeans- to avoid cut-off blood circulation to your feet
  • Flowy/loose pants
  • Oversized clothing- shirt dresses, baggy jackets, sweaters etc. They hide those bloated bellies very well!
  • One-piece bathers- Yep this swimwear trend has offered us women a little saviour
  • Beanies/Hats- Because why not leave your hair unwashed for another day
  • Bralettes- closest thing to not wearing a bra while still wearing a bra
  • Heeled boots- whoever chose to wear heeled boots in place of stilettos has done all of us a huge favour. They may not necessarily be comfy, but they certainly beat the alternative.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Stylish can be comfortable too!

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