Fashion on a budget

Some of my most worn clothes of all time have been hand-me-downs, thrifted or from cheaper stores such as cotton on or target. I truly believe that to be fashionable does not require you to spend hundreds at a time.



Buying clothes from a thrift store/ op-shop is an amazing place to start. It is here that you will find great statement pieces, vintage looks, unique clothes and the best accessories that others probably won’t have. The best bit, they are cheap and support charity at the same time.


Being the youngest in my family I know all about hand-me-downs, and man I have always loved them! Not only could I be more like my big sister, but I got a refreshed wardrobe! Hand me downs in adulthood are not really a thing, unless you make it a thing (I highly suggest you do).


Large companies such as Target are literally the best for cheap clothing finds. Although there can be such a stigma of the un-fashionable nature, this isn’t necessarily the case. Dig deep and search all the racks to get some great pieces, especially staple items and wardrobe basics.


Lastly, shop on a budget by not passing up the opportunity to shop in cheap fast-fashion chains. Companies such as cotton on often have those on-trend items you are looking for at a cheap price plus they constantly have new items coming in store and frequent sales.


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