Being Unique but Trendy

Trend’s… they leave a lot of us wondering, how on earth can we keep up? And how do I put my own spin on ‘trendy’ and not look like I’m just following the crowd? Well, that’s where I come in!



Here are three steps to incorporate trends into your personal style:

Step 1.

Alter a trend to your liking for your personality and body. A trend never suits everyone and hence, you should alter these to your liking in any way you want. How about you substitute bold block coloured outfits for one bold statement piece accompanied by muted tones to accentuate your best feature.

Or instead of putting your body completely on display with sheer tops and a minimal bralette, how about pairing a sheer top with a textured lace bodysuit. Not only is this unique but it combines 2 trends and provides a bit more coverage.


Step 2.

Integrate your signature style when trying out a new trend.

Your classic bold red lip, locket necklace and long straight hair may be a signature which people recognise you for. Incorporate this into a trend and you are not just ‘following the crowd’ you are simply being you.


Step 3.

Gain inspiration from trends, don’t copy them. Simply gaining inspiration from a trend is enough to show you are trendy without copying it exactly. This way you are being completely you but showing that you recognise these trends and are keeping up with the times.

Call it cliché, but as long as you feel great it doesn’t matter whether it is ‘trendy’ or not.


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