Avoiding Buyer’s Regret

It is very easy to get caught up in the moment when shopping, only to later find yourself regretting your decisions to purchase certain items. You find clothes in your closet never worn and purchased a year ago and can’t help but feel that deep feeling of guilt and regret for wasting your money.



Here are some steps to avoid buyers regret and to overcome it:

Step 1.

Shop practical- something I struggle with a lot. So, you find yourself at a shop absolutely in love with a piece of clothing. It is in this moment where we get caught up in the whole shopping experience, the garment looks amazing on the mannequin and it seems that you cannot flaw the item. Stop. Think practical. Stop and think of 6 outfits you will be able to make with what you already have in your wardrobe, incorporating this item.

Is it possible to incorporate this into 6 different outfits?

If you can’t then that isn’t necessarily the only deciding factor. Take note of the price, think about where you will wear it, if it is a ‘trend’ piece etc. Once you have stopped to consider these factors you can then make your decision of whether you want to buy it or not.


Step 2.

Is it worth the splurge?

Buyer’s regret often stems from an item being rather expensive where we are unable to see it’s worth. To prevent this, you need to decide whether an item is worth the splurge. Everyone values different items of clothing differently, personally I am willing to spend extra money on shoes as these are something I wear to death. However, I am not willing to overspend on a ‘trend’ item or something which is recognisable as an ‘outfit repeat’. It is up to you to decide where you are willing to splurge, stick to this when you are shopping.



Step 3.

Think on it. It’s pretty self-explanatory, give yourself a few hours or a few days to think about whether you really want that item.

Step 4.

Be aware and utilise the return policy. It is ok to change your mind sometimes! Make sure you are aware of the stores return policies. If it is exchange only, try and be sure of your purchase or at least make sure there are other items you love and would purchase from that brand. Be aware of how long you have to return or exchange, make sure to meet this if you change your mind to avoid disappointment! If you are super unsure of whether you want an item or not (and refunds are given), then go ahead and buy it and do the 1-week test. If you don’t reach for that garment in the next week, chances are you don’t love it enough and won’t get much wear out of it, so take it back.

Step 5.

If buyer’s regret has kicked in and it is too late to return the item, then here are your next best options:

  • Rent out the item
  • Sell the garment
  • Repurpose the garment so you are more likely to wear it
  • Donate your clothing



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