About Me

I’m that person you have been looking for, the one who will inspire you, provoke your curiosity, add depth to your thoughts on fashion and the one who is here to help you out with those day-to-day fashion problems!

I hear your next question, why should you listen to me? As a fashion student and a young person, I am part of the up and coming generation of curious thinkers and creative entrepreneurs. What does this mean? I can relate to you specifically and offer you my knowledge and creativity into the world of fashion.

Let me introduce myself on a more personal level, I am Mia, the girl who has always been obsessed with all things style. Beginning at the old age of 4 I found my calling, I discovered the most beautiful colourful flared pants, the bright and vibrant colours made my eyes light up instantly. These pants were worn to absolute death, my ‘ABBA’ pants made me feel absolutely amazing, I felt like I could conquer the world in them. I realise now just how fashionable they were, not at all.

Despite all of mum’s efforts to take these pants to the op-shop I became more and more stubborn because I was addicted to that feeling they gave me. At just the age of 4 I discovered how much power a little style could have, it made me feel confident. That’s why I am here, to teach you the power of fashion.

I’m here to help a sister (or mister) out. I want to help you gain and expand your creativity, create more depth to your view of fashion, help build your passion for fashion and to inspire!

If you are just an average person (or not-so-average person!) looking to be inspired, be taught, or looking to expand or gain some fashion creativity you have most definitely come to the right place.

Come join our supportive community, to start just sign up below for a little taste of what I can offer you!

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